Emphasis on traditional marketing

The definition of marketing is to promote your business. To market effectively certain metrics must be hit at a cost-efficient exchange. Some metrics might include return on investment, social media follower count, or traffic to your website. Whether you’ve been in business for decades or a few months, take advantage of the digital landscape and all of its marketing opportunities.

Traditional marketing has its time and place but falls short to the long term benefits of digital marketing. In traditional marketing, there is a large disconnect in what your marketing budget is doing for your business.

Let’s say you decide to advertise in a magazine.

Would the magazine provider be able to give you the following information:

  • Who picked up the magazine? (location, age, gender)
  • Of those who picked up the magazine, who actually read your ad and not just glanced over it?
  • Did anyone go to your website because of the ad?
  • Did anyone purchase your product or service because of the ad?

These are all important questions because you’re spending money with the magazine provider and you should want to know whether or not you are spending money on the right marketing channel.

Going digital gives you the opportunity to get answers to all those questions so that way you can know your cost per conversion. Having a solid idea of your cost per conversion is EVERYTHING. It is the single metric that can help you scale up and minimize the risk of wasting time and money.

If you have a hard time finding out your cost per conversion rate, reach out to a local digital marketing agency for some guidance. Not having a good idea of what your cost per conversion rate is and going with traditional marketing will make it much more difficult for you to scale up and maximize the return on your marketing budget. It’s almost impossible. You’re taking a high-risk gamble every time because the truth is, you don’t know if it works. You don’t know who picked up the magazine, you don’t know if they saw your ad, you don’t know if your ad moved them to take action and visit your website. And you may never know those answers.

Creating Amazing Content

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; Your content on social media doesn’t need to be amazing. Your photos and videos don’t have to be at the highest resolution or have professional graphics. If you disagree I invite you to visit some of your favorite influencers on Instagram or check out some of the most popular YouTubers. Guess what, not everyone has the best quality content. However, what they do have is a clear message about themselves, product or service.


Amazing content is great! And with all the technology we have, you can easily find someone to do freelance digital marketing or a local digital marketing agency. Amazing content should be the gold standard, but if you don’t have the marketing budget or resources to produce consistently high-quality content, you can still reach your digital marketing goals. Whether that goal is more sales, more followers, or more traffic, you can get there without high-quality content.

What I’m not here to tell you is that taking low-resolution photos from google or posting irrelevant photos of your pup is acceptable… unless your pup plays an apparent key role in your business.

You don’t need amazing or perfect content, but you do need good content. For a list of resources to help you create better content, click here.

Operating as a Business Online

As automation continues to grow, one thing on the digital landscape is starting to decline; the human touch. The ability to establish a relationship with someone on the internet and treat them as a human and not just a metric. Those businesses that perform best online have a personality, they engage with their audience in a friendly manner, and they acknowledge them.

* It’s important to mention that those businesses who are executing this are also sticking to their brand. They aren’t going out of their way to incorporate trendy lingo for the sake of staying relevant, but they are being themselves in regards to being a brand.

The next time someone leaves a comment on a photo, try to ask them a question and engage in a conversation. In the long run, this will help you gain more engagement and will help you develop a loyal following.

Adopting a Ghost Mindset

Let’s start off with what is a Ghost Mindset? Having a ghost mindset is to avoid social media and digital marketing as a whole due to a lack of knowledge or lack of belief in digital marketing.

When was the last time you searched for something on Google? There are roughly 63,000 searches per second. Let me say that again; There are roughly 63,000 searches per second. People are actively on their phones searching for information or on social media. You need to showcase your business where the people are… online.

Showcasing your business online includes setting up social media accounts, posting on those accounts, having a clear website that shares your product/service with viewers, and running ads across the internet.

Every business should strive to be omnipresent online – To be everywhere and anywhere online. There are customers out there waiting to use your product or service. However, if they don’t know you exist, they will never look to work with you. If you’re not online your business might as well be a ghost because people won’t know you exist.

If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of managing several platforms at once, look into outsourcing that works to a local digital marketing agency or search for management software.

Forgetting the Golden Rule of Staying in Business

Have you ever watched a movie that was supposed to be “the best” but after watching it you realized it was anything but “the best”? Or have you been to a popular restaurant only to be disappointed with the entire experience?

There’s a common theme as to why the movie or the restaurant were hyped up by the public, and that is ATTENTION. The movie might have done heavy advertising, influencers may have spoken highly of the movie to millions of followers and the same goes for the restaurant. Maybe the restaurant was featured on a local news station where thousands of viewers saw the high praise the station gave the establishment.

A business can have any goal they want; sales, traffic, followers, etc., but without attention, it is impossible to bridge the gap between the business and its goals.

Here are the 5 ways to gain attention online:

  1. Be present on social media and build an audience
  2. Run Google or Facebook ads to target your audience
  3. Work with influencers who will talk highly of you
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Retarget advertising

Remember, it’s not the best company who wins, it’s the most well-known company who wins. Attention over everything. It’s the only way to bridge the gap.

Stopping At The Top of Your Funnel

Gaining attention is the golden rule of staying in business and marketing. However, it doesn’t stop there. A successful brand, local digital marketing agencies, and professionals know that once you gain someone’s attention, you need to hold onto it for dear life until you get your desired outcome.

Gaining attention online is the top of your funnel. If you look at a traditional digital marketing sales funnel you will notice that attention or brand awareness is at the top of the funnel. This should be the easiest part of your journey; getting people in the door.

Where the real work comes into play is in the following stages such as the problem discovery, justification, and purchase stage of the funnel. In order to guide people along the funnel and reach your end goal, you need to do one or a combination of the following:

  • Follow up through drip email campaigns
  • Retarget advertising
  • Phone calls

Once you gain someone’s attention, don’t stop there. Just like fishing, hold onto that rod (attention), and bring it home (your desired outcome).

Relying on Organic Traffic

If you aren’t familiar, organic traffic is the number of people that discover your business at no expense to you, the business owner. It’s also something that is virtually extinct. A few years back, this was something every business owner could take advantage of. Thanks to big platforms like Facebook and Instagram looking to make more revenue, and saturation of businesses of all types on the internet, organic traffic is nearly impossible to gain.

It’s time to start allocating some dollars into advertising to really have an impact and grow.