Are you having a difficult time creating content for your digital marketing? You’re not alone.

Creating content for your business requires a wide variety of skills like photography, graphic design, videography, typography, composition… the list goes on. Whether you’re a local business or national brand, the following resources will help you create high-quality content for your digital marketing efforts.

It’s important to mention that when creating content you should stay true to your brand. It’s crucial to develop a common theme in everything you produce whether its certain vibe viewers get when they see your content, colors, items, font or layout.

Before we dive in, it is important to mention one trap businesses fall into… especial local businesses participating in digital marketing, and that trap is trends. I’m talking about trendy challenges, dances, content, etc.. When doing digital marketing, local businesses tend to fall into this trap the most. The reason this can become a trap is that it may throw off your branding. As enticing as it is to hop on a trend, it’s important to stick to your branding, create a story, and have your product/service front an center.

Now onto the resources that will help you create content for digital marketing…


This app is great for creating Instagram Stories. Simply download the app on your device, upload photos or videos from your camera roll, and download the content to upload. Preset layouts in this app will elevate your content on Instagram Stories.



This app allows you to create custom GIFs you and your business can use in Facebook comments. The benefit of replying to someone in GIFs is that it’s fun, it’s visual, and by creating your own custom GIFs you can make it unique to your brand.



This software allows you to create graphics from scratch. If you have experience in graphic design, this is the best you can get.



If you aren’t graphic design savvy but still want to create better content for digital marketing, turn to Canva. This web and mobile app have plenty of templates, free stock photos, and more. Think of this as Photoshop for non-Photoshop people. Literally, drag, drop, and you’re done.



Finding the right photo for your content can be tricky. If you’re still copying photos from Google; 1. It may be copyright protected 2. Most of the time its low resolution.

Pump up the quality of content by visiting Unsplash; type in what you’re searching for, and download some of the best quality content on the internet.